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a blog post about gift wrapping. (you love me)

yes, you read that title correctly: this whole post is about wrapping gifts and the joy it brings me! in fact, one Christmas, i voluntarily wrapped gifts for a friend who was a new mama and super busy and just needed this task done. i think that is probably how most people view this: a task that needs to be completed. however, i LOVE wrapping. it’s relaxing for me and a chance to show some creativity. and in 2020, we’ve all had to find joy in small, simple things. i blame my love for gift wrapping on my Mom and my Aunt Shirley. as a child, and even still to this day, they both always wrapped the prettiest Christmas gifts using fancy ribbons and bows, and fantastic papers. when i was a teenager, i asked my Aunt Shirley to teach me how to properly wrap a gift and how to make some simple bows (she actually worked in gift wrap at a department store when she was young!). and thus the gift wrapper elf that i am was born. keep reading for a (very) little tutorial on how i’m wrapping this year’s gifts!

one of my favorite holiday traditions is shopping for half-off gift wrap at Target the day after Christmas. my Mom and i wake up early, and try to be there when they open. we race to the back of the store and fight over wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, and tissue paper with our fellow deal seekers. last year, we went wild and hit-up Target AND Homegoods! LOL. i think i got some pretty cute papers though. we sadly won’t be carrying-on this tradition in 2020 thanks to covid, but maybe we’ll try to grab some online.

last year, my theme for most of my gifts focused on fancy ribbon and bows. this year, i’m into this peek-a-boo style! because i have so much cute paper, it’s a fun way to show it all off. also, i LOVE print and pattern mixing. my home decor and fashion style is always a mix of patterns and prints, so why shouldn’t my gift wrap be too?! this technique (hahaha literally laughing as i type this! who am i?! LOL!) is pretty easy to do.

at first i wrapped a package as usual before adding a second layer of paper. then i realized that was a waste (duuhh!) and all you actually need to do is cover the side of the package that you want to “peek” out and be your gift’s “face.”

before you fully tape down that 2nd layer, you’ll want to tear or cut what will be the “face” of your gift so the wrapping underneath will peek thru.

once you’ve cut a shape or torn out a piece, then you’re all set to wrap it up and add some pizzaz with ribbons, etc!

wow. did i really just write a blog post about wrapping gifts?! HECK YEAH I DID! hahaha. for those who know me IRL, you are NOT surprised. you are just rolling your eyes right now and laughing. but you sure will enjoy these little feasts for your eyes when you’re holding ‘em in your grubby little hands! hehehe…. XOXO, Kyoko aka The Martha Stewart of Gift Wrapping. (JK, i’m not that good.)


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