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reclaiming holiday cheer: let’s do this!

lets take a deep, collective breath together and own this truth: we are ALL tired and feeling stressed-out. the holiday’s are a stressful time of year during typical times, but with Covid numbers raging out of control right now, we’ve all had enough. we’ve all lost so much this year: some of us loved ones, some of us jobs, relationships have fallen apart under the stress, and we’ve all lost precious time. many of us are coming to terms with not seeing our families for the holidays for the first time in our lives; others of us are currently engaged in a strict stay-at-home 14 day quarantine in hopes of safely spending the holiday together. then on top of this, we have to purchase gifts, decorate our homes, try not to over-indulge in our favorite holiday foods, etc etc. i say…. enough. this season is about JOY, and we are going to reclaim it from 2020, damnit!

N O N E of us saw this year coming. we were all bright-eyed and ready to slay 2 0 2 0. however, 2020 has been nothing but 10 months full of disappointments and grief. but we’ve got to put this to bed and let it go, for our own sakes. the holiday’s are the best time to reclaim our joy and really lean into gratitude and the merriness of the season. it’s hard. but push through. you ARE stronger than you think. i made up my mind to celebrate EVERYTHING this holiday season. i over-decorated the inside of my home (it’s Christmas literally in every room AND I LOVE IT!), i’ve been watching all my fave holiday movies each evening, i’ve taken time to hand write all my Christmas cards, i’ve wrapped gifts with extra attention to detail, i picked my journal back up and wrote until my hand hurt, and i even ordered Christmas and Holiday blends of my favorite coffee’s. i recruited my husband to join me in a season of joy, and made lists of all the positive things we both want to experience in these last days of 2020, as all well as all of the things we’ve learned in 2020 that have humbled us and brought us gratitude. but the main thing i had to do was make up my mind to feel joy.

so don’t let this season of joy bring you down. make up your mind to feel joy, whatever that means to you. acknowledge and hold your down-trodden feelings, honor them, but then let them go. mask-up and get out there and safely see the holiday lights in your town! (for us, that meant going out suuuper late at night when it was freezing because no. crowd. yay!) eat those gingerbread cookies! stay up late and watch WHITE CHRISTMAS for the millionth time! drink that hot cocoa! YOU DESERVE IT! YOU NEED IT! reclaim all the joy that 2020 tried to steal. lean into this holiday season with more love and energy than ever before! i know i have and i’m feeling better…. XO, Kyoko


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