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thank you. merci. gracias.

a very short and sweet post today to say THANK YOU for following us both along on this blogging adventure! we started this blog as an experimental way to forge our path in the blogging/social media world. it was also a way for us to connect during this global pandemic, being several states apart and unable to visit one another. it gave us something to focus on amidst all the chaos. we also wanted to share our thoughts on life and current events, and to make space for others to know they weren’t alone. and of course we wanted to curate thoughtful, pretty, and current content via sharing things we both enjoy such as diy’s, crafts, cocktails, holidays, and other bloggers/artists/nonprofit/home decor enthusiast accounts we follow. so for all 5 of you out there who have followed us along, we thank you kindly. happy holidays from florida and kentucky! we love ya!


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