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how to take care of ‘you’ during the holiday season

one of my favorite photos from our Yellowstone trip

The holidays are usually about giving: gift giving to others, donating to charities, sending cards to everyone and their grandmother, giving your time and attention to those in need or your family while you’re visiting. However, I find that these are the times that require more self care and mindfulness for how “I” am doing. While you know from our Instagram how much we love to give gifts and support others, it’s really really important to not forget to give yourself some grace during the holiday season. So I have gathered some of my favorite self care tips and tricks for you!

5 tips and tricks for good self care this holiday season

  • Keep your regular schedule/routine as best as you can: it’s really important to stay on routine or not shake things up too much. sometimes this can’t be avoided- with travel etc. but if possible, try to keep your schedule as close to normal as possible.
  • Make time for you: schedule some periods of time where you focus on you and you only. Whether that’s a workout, a spa moment with a face mask or painting your nails, or a solid lunch with some Netflix. find something that relaxes and replenishes you and do that thing! daily! ❤
  • Practice mindfulness with your emotions: pay attention to how you are feeling and adjust accordingly. Struggling a bit today because you are missing someone who can’t be with you during the holidays? write in a journal about it, facetime that person or someone else, or maybe go be with family or pets that you do live with.
  • Focus a bit of your time each day on what you are grateful for: this may be a bit harder this year, as 2020 has proved to be an extremely tough year. but spend some time each day and focus on one thing you are grateful for.
  • Remember the holiday stress is only temporary: the hustle and bustle of the holiday season only lasts for the holiday season. so remember that while you may be feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or stressed- it will pass and we are all looking forward to the (hopeful) light that 2021 will bring.

So, while the holidays are a time for cheer and family- 2020 celebrations will be different, but remember to take care of you. All the mess will pass and you want to make sure you are geared up and ready to take on 2021!

what are you favorite self care tips and tricks? share them with us below!

♥- J


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