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2021- Ready or not, here we come!

2020: it’s been a year.

for most, the prospect of 2021 looming just a week away feels almost like a second Christmas. while we’re not naïve that just because the calendar changes, all the woes from 2020 will disappear, but it sure will feel nice to turn the page and close the book on 2020.

today, I wanted to share 21 things I am aiming for in 2021. some big, some small but all important and special.

21 things to aim for in 2021

  1. to continue this fun adventure of blogging with Kyoko ❤
  2. to read at least 20 books (shout out to projectread 2021)
  3. to be outside more (riding my bike, hiking, just sitting and reading)
  4. to explore at least 2 national parks- camping/hiking
  5. to travel to NYC or Montreal with Kyoko
  6. to start my journey as a spin instructor and give it an honest shot- not sure if it’s going to be for me, but I am giving it my all and seeing what happens
  7. to work on building more mindfulness to my emotions and whether I keep them in or share then with others
  8. to put my phone down during family time
  9. to have better boundaries at work
  10. to increase my yoga practice
  11. to be more forgiving of myself when I make mistakes
  12. to continue to become a stronger ally to those who need it
  13. to eat more salads 🙂 haha
  14. to start a garden
  15. to allow myself to have more fun
  16. to continue to train my pups
  17. to exercise more patience
  18. to keep a feelings bullet journal
  19. to spend a few months learning more deeply about a topic (recently started Crash Course government on YouTube)
  20. to say yes to more adventures
  21. to pour into relationships more to strengthen them

I am sure I can come up with many more, but these are the first bunch that came to my mind. Please share your goals for 2021 with us in the comments ❤

♥- J


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