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spring is coming

easy spring wreath

With the official switch of seasons approaching, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to create this simple spring wreath. I usually create wreaths for the different seasons, so this wreath has been up since the beginning of March and will probably stay up until fall 🙂 The materials for this wreath were purchased at Joann and cost under $20.00. The trick to buying from Joann is to download the app and use their coupons.  You can also find coupons on the website!

Materials Needed:

  • A grapevine wreath: These cost about $6.00 at Joann. I used the 12 inch wreath.
  • Yellow flowers: This specific flower is on sale for $4.00 from $7.99. You would purchase two to get the same look as my wreath.
  • Burlap ribbon:  This is currently $7.99, but with a coupon you could easily get it for $4.00 and you won’t use the whole lot for this project so you will have some leftover for more fun!

How to:

  • Take the wreath circle and your flowers. Trim the flower stem so that you have enough stem to place into the grapevine wreath to secure the flower. I usually add a dab of hot glue to the back of a few petals and secure it to the wreath that way, too, but it’s not necessary if you feel the stem is holding it well enough.
  • Take your burlap ribbon and create a bow. Here is a great tutorial on how to create a bow of ribbon. This site gives you several options for different types of bows 🙂 once you complete your bow, attach it with string or hot glue.
  • Finally, attach your hanging string through the top of the grapevine wreath and you are all done!

3 steps and 1 beautiful spring wreath! Let us know below if you try it and tag us in your photos on our Instagram!

♥- J


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