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About Us

hello! hola! konichiwa! we’re jamie & kyoko, two gal pals separated by 3 states & 788 miles.

we started this lifestyle blog during the covid-19 global pandemic as a way to hang-out and share the happenings of our lives. (having something creative to do together has given us hope!) travel, wellness, food/drink, books, and current events are all things you can expect to find here.

equality, inclusion, and anti-racism are all basic moral principles we believe in. we hope to highlight the ways in which we both support these, as we are forever learners of cultural humility. one of us is half el salvadoran and a quarter japanese, however, we BOTH fully acknowledge our experiences with privilege in life.

imagine our spaces as a safe place to hang with your pals! – -it’s our hope to bring thoughtfulness, fun, and maybe even a little inspiration, to all.

oh! one more thing… we use affiliate links in some of our posts, and may earn a small percentage of purchase. any posts that are sponsored will clearly indicate such, however, we’ll never endorse products or services that we aren’t full supporters of.

xoxo, jamie (she/her) + kyoko (she/her)

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