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spring is coming

With the official switch of seasons approaching, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to create this simple spring wreath. I usually create wreaths for the different seasons, so this wreath has been up since the beginning of March and will probably stay up until fall 🙂 The materials for this wreathContinue reading “spring is coming”

how to say “no” in 2021

I’m not going to talk about 2020 anymore, we’re over it, it’s gone. bye. but 2021.. that’s a different story. she is full of hope, anticipation, wonder, possibility and fingers crossed: travel, hugging friends, coffee shops, etc. in my last post with 21 things to aim for in 2021, I spoke about wanting to haveContinue reading “how to say “no” in 2021″

2021- Ready or not, here we come!

2020: it’s been a year. for most, the prospect of 2021 looming just a week away feels almost like a second Christmas. while we’re not naïve that just because the calendar changes, all the woes from 2020 will disappear, but it sure will feel nice to turn the page and close the book on 2020.Continue reading “2021- Ready or not, here we come!”

how to take care of ‘you’ during the holiday season

The holidays are usually about giving: gift giving to others, donating to charities, sending cards to everyone and their grandmother, giving your time and attention to those in need or your family while you’re visiting. However, I find that these are the times that require more self care and mindfulness for how “I” am doing.Continue reading “how to take care of ‘you’ during the holiday season”

thoughts on the holidays and minimalism

The idea for this post started with me thinking I would share some of my tips for not over-spending or being to ‘consumery’ at the holidays. As I began preparing to write it, I had a lot of other thoughts and feelings– so I’m asking you to go with me on this little journey.

Thanksgiving 2020: Focusing on gratitude

I was going to write a post today about Thanksgiving day crafts for the kiddos, but as I woke this morning, it felt more right to write about gratitude. 2020 has been terrible for so many reasons, but there is so much for me to be grateful for and so I wanted to take someContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2020: Focusing on gratitude”

DIY: Simple fall wreath in minutes

Today I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to create this simple fall wreath. I usually create wreaths for the seasons, so this wreath has been up since September, but you can create and hang at any time! The materials for this wreath were purchased at Joann and cost under $15.00. TheContinue reading “DIY: Simple fall wreath in minutes”

How to exercise at home: Free (and a few low cost)workout resources

With Covid-19 still on the rise, finding a way to stay active and healthy during the holiday season has never been more important. Many gyms have shut down and/or have limited capacity and unless you are a master of creating workouts, you may be stumped on what to do to stay active. For me, theContinue reading “How to exercise at home: Free (and a few low cost)workout resources”

DIY Mad Hatter Costume Tutorial

So as you know from my Coraline post, I love to make my own costumes. I also try to stay until $40.00, but ya know sometimes we just can’t make that happen with such a cool costume! This has been on my costume list for a long time. I’m a huge fan of the funContinue reading “DIY Mad Hatter Costume Tutorial”