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thank you. merci. gracias.

a very short and sweet post today to say THANK YOU for following us both along on this blogging adventure! we started this blog as an experimental way to forge our path in the blogging/social media world. it was also a way for us to connect during this global pandemic, being several states apart andContinue reading “thank you. merci. gracias.”

reclaiming holiday cheer: let’s do this!

lets take a deep, collective breath together and own this truth: we are ALL tired and feeling stressed-out. the holiday’s are a stressful time of year during typical times, but with Covid numbers raging out of control right now, we’ve all had enough. we’ve all lost so much this year: some of us loved ones,Continue reading “reclaiming holiday cheer: let’s do this!”

a blog post about gift wrapping. (you love me)

yes, you read that title correctly: this whole post is about wrapping gifts and the joy it brings me! in fact, one Christmas, i voluntarily wrapped gifts for a friend who was a new mama and super busy and just needed this task done. i think that is probably how most people view this: aContinue reading “a blog post about gift wrapping. (you love me)”

covid thanksgiving thoughts.

thanksgiving is going to look different for a lot of us this year. my husband and i planned to travel a few hours south (by car, & with no restroom stops) to be with our families since we’ve all been staying home and quarantining. however, life happens and i ended up having to see aContinue reading “covid thanksgiving thoughts.”

¡felíz cumpleaños!

it was my birthday, recently, and my co-blogger gal pal Jamie did an awesomely creative thing for me: she sent me a birthday box with several gifts to open through-out the month! during this “new normal” of covid times, we both have been making sure we always have a sweet, little positive thing to lookContinue reading “¡felíz cumpleaños!”