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How this High Risker is (trying) to Get Through COVID-19

2020 was supposed to be the year for a lot of us. On a personal note, I ended a major chapter in my career to (hopefully) start a more creative venture. In a funny coincidence, my last day of work was on Valentine’s Day, and I took that as an omen of good things to come in 2020! My plan was to take 3 months off to spend much needed time with family, and then seek out a new job. However, when the gravity of the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States at the beginning of March, my husband and I began our self-imposed stay-at-home/quarantine. Little did we know 5 months later, we’d still (luckily) be at home, but I’d also be on month 6 of that cute 3 months off of work. #ihavegreattiming

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Simple Breakfast Burritos

Burrito Ingredients

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As a morning person, I tend to get real jazzed about a full spread of yummy breakfast items—think Bob Evans or Cracker Barrel style. I go for it all! The bacon, the pancakes, the hash browns, the eggs, even right down to a coffee and the seasonal bread (shout out to that blueberry + pumpkin bread).

BUT if you’re anything like I am, you don’t love the act of cooking it as much as the act of devouring the finished product. So I’ve come up with a way of getting almost all those delicious breakfast items in one easy and simple recipe. The breakfast burrito!

These breakfast burritos are easy to store, heat and eat, which make for a quick and easy breakfast for on the go days without having to sacrifice the breakfast feel for some cold cereal.

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4 Tips on How to Fit Exercise into Your Life

Staying active can be hard on a good week, but almost impossible when you’re out of your routine. Pre- Covid, out of your routine probably meant enjoying a lovely vacation somewhere away from home and work, but now a days, every day is out of routine and we aren’t sipping margaritas on the beach. Almost nothing is “normal” and it feels so overwhelming to think about adding exercise into our already hectic and busy day. However, moving a little every day is so important for both our physical and mental health so I am hoping these four tips make adding movement to your day a little less daunting.Continue reading “4 Tips on How to Fit Exercise into Your Life”

Current Reads

Reading has been a source of great comfort during this COVID-19 pandemic. Escaping to faraway places, increasing knowledge about cultural humility, and perusing travel guides have lead to the reading of 21 books since March! (And yes, I am seriously reading all of these books right now. I know… reading multiple books at a time is a bad habit.)

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September Bucket List

In case you don’t know me well, I want to share with you that I LIVE for fall and winter. I am not a summer girl, I hate the heat and humidity and am usually planning my Halloween costume around July. 🙂 Since Covid and this insane humidity/heat, I have struggled with wanting it to be fall. I dream about the days when we can have a bonfire (which we’ve had in the summer, but it’s just not the same), when I can decorate for fall and Christmas and when my house will smell like baking cookies and breads.

I was thinking about what I wanted to write this week and all I could think of was how cool it would be to have a place where I wrote my Bucket Lists for each month of fall. I spent some time this morning coming up with the things I want to do in Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec.

I want to share September with you since it’s right around the corner.

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Asheville NC

Before I die wall in downtown Asheville

Since taking our first GIRLS TRIP last year, my sister-in-law and I have loved loved loved planning our yearly girls trips. We always make a pinterest board dedicated to the place we plan to visit. There we will visit and include things like places to see, places to eat, activities you can’t miss!

In 2016, we decided to switch up the “city” trip to a more rustic/wilderness feel in Asheville, NC. To say we LOVED Asheville is a total understatement. At this point in life, we had already begun chats of moving North again and purchasing more land to live on. This trip only fueled that dream more. With tons of hiking opportunities and great food, you really can’t go wrong in Asheville!

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Destination Simple.

Simple. One tiny little word with so much meaning. I’ve been on the search for a simpler life for a few years now. It started slow with less buying, less waste, and less busy. That looked like, reusable bags, reusable utensils/straws, less home décor, less useless items of clothing, & less buying just to buy things. I am happy with the progress I’ve made in those areas; however, living simpler doesn’t just mean life from a consumer lens. It means living simpler in how we function on a daily basis. Are we always rushing, always busy, and always trying to do more? Are we taking time for the things that matter most to us? Do we even know what matters most to us? As I have said in my post , I used to be busy so I didn’t have to feel grief. I got REALLY good at this. I was always doing something- work, homework, reading, volunteering, doing something for others, etc. It was rare that I took naps or even sat down for that matter! It was when I sat down, that reality hit me & at that time in my life, I wasn’t ready to face what came with reality.

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Let’s Hear It for New York!

new york city is my favorite place on the entire planet. (i know, i know… but keep reading) there is just an energy about her. she literally buzzes. life is constantly in motion within her. and it’s a place where i feel so. damn. alive. during her lifetime, she has been full of so many hopes and dreams of others (yes, sadness and tragedy as well) #statueofliberty. but lets start at the beginning…

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