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let’s make it clear.

HATE HAS NO HOME HERE. period. i put this sign in my front yard as soon as i could find one to purchase, after PEACEFULLY PROTESTING and MARCHING in my local Women’s March after he was elected. keyword: PEACEFUL. i marched with folks of all colors, genders, religions, ethnicities, and sexualities. it was a truly beautiful and moving experience, coming together in love, because we knew what his time in office would mean. and sadly, our deepest fears came true yesterday. we had been anticipating it his entire presidency.

let’s be super clear and call yesterday what it was: a domestic terrorist attack on OUR Capitol by vile, disgusting white supremacists. we’ve seen it written everywhere and it is 1,000% true: yesterday never would’ve happened if those people had been anything but white. it almost felt like a red carpet was rolled-out, inviting them to smash windows in OUR capitol; to run around with racist confederate flags in OUR capitol; to destroy art and property in OUR capitol. my heart is heavy as i digest all of the implications of this. these people represent such disgustingness and such hate. my family, my friends, and ME being a part of the target of their hate, being bipoc’s, just really brings it home.

we’ve got some healing and MAJOR WORK to do, America. you can start by condemning yesterday’s events and no longer supporting that thing who is sadly our president right now. you can start by educating yourself on being antiracist, and the bipoc history of America. oh yeah. and you can MASK UP/STAY HOME/STAY AT LEAST 6 FEET APART because the covid pandemic is currently raging out of control. that is just to start.

local women’s march in florida january 2017.

lots of thoughts. lots of feelings. but i’ll leave it at that, for now. be safe and well. xo, Kyoko


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